Manifest, Abundance, Attracting Love

At times, we may feel like we don’t have a clear direction in our lives. As such, all we need during those times is someone who can guide us to discover our true purpose. It is only when you are highly aware of your actions, thoughts, and emotions that you can achieve that as well as align positive energy and elevate your well-being.

Let Psychic Barr give you the clarity you need for your questions on relationships, money, career, and any other areas of life. Serving clients all over the East Coast, I focus on helping people find purpose, healing, and loved ones from the past.

What I Do

I am Jacqueline. An expert in all things psychic, I am also gifted to practice as a:




Energy Reader



Health and Medical Intuitive

Spiritual Healer

Tarot Card Reader

Pet Readings

Working alongside the spirit family, I guide souls back into a gentle awareness of self and into the course of their true purpose. With my guidance and care, you will have a stronger sense of direction, a clear understanding of the future, and most importantly, a peace of mind.